Smart Glass

Switchable Privacy Glass turns from opaque clear to in but 7 milli seconds. It can be used in conference rooms, offices, residences, partition walls, bathrooms, windows, doors, roof-lights etc. Switchable Privacy Glass is meant for business and residential buildings alike. Adds to the security, provides dust free environment, easy to clean, blocks 98% UV rays and 95% infrared rays.

The demand for privacy in hospitals as a replacement for curtains is growing due to its ability to satisfy strict hygiene standards. The glass is definitely clean and exceeds visibility, privacy, and hygiene needs for health care facilities.

Don’t let the name fool you. Switchable Privacy Glass is concerning keeps out prying eyes. It’s a tool to form dynamic, expansive, light-filled environments with on-demand controllable opacity. Forget permanent partitions, boring blinds or cumbersome curtains, this is where privacy meets multiple practicalities.

The possibilities area unit endless, it’s no surprise that architects and designers are passionate about finding ever-additional artistic uses for this futuristic and innovative product.


Technical Specification

All it takes is an electrical current to activate the distinctive Smartglass properties. The transformation is triggered via a wall switch or remote controls or movement sensors or light-weight sensors or timers, tailored to every user’s individual wants. Various variations of privacy switchable glass area unit offered, as well as color tinted, fire rated, double glazed, curved and shaped privacy glass.
Our switchable Smartglass is currently made in Canada. You’ll be able to order the required sizes of Smartglass where the Switchable Smartglass is laminated between two glass panels, this way the Smartfilm is protected between the panels. We have a tendency to perpetually suggest our architects to use Smartglass for their upcoming constructions

Visible Light Transmission >90% <4%
Haze <4% > 95%
Viewing Angle ≥150 degree -
UV Blocking ≥98%
IR Blocking 95%
Operating Voltage 48-60VAC -
Frequency 50~60HZ -
Current 100 mA Sq. m (9.3 mA Sq. ft) -
Power Consumption <5W/Sq. m (<0.46W/Sq. Ft) -
Switching Time <200ms <10ms
Total Glass Thickness 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 22mm (3/8", 1/2", 9/16", 14/16") or customized;
Glass Structure Triplex, IGU or customized
Color White, Light Gray, Dark Gray
Working Temperature –20°C~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 160°F)
Storage Temperature –20°C~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 160°F)
Life Time >20 Years

Preparations required for installing Smart Glass

1. Please provide precise sizes of the Smartglass

2. Power Unit: Please see the electrical scheme of the Smart Glass

Power unit is connected to electrical network and switch on one side (Input) and to the smart glass on the other side (Output). The Power unit output is 48VAC and it is recommended to connect each glass with a pair of wires, therefore if you have more than one Smartglass you want to use a standard wires connecting box.
(HERE ATTACH THE PIC OF ‘CIRCUIT’ THAT I HAVE SENT YOU) and insert this pic below and not on the right hand size, it needs to be big.

3. Electrical Preparations:

Make sure you have designated a space for the transformer. Fix the power unit in this space. Connect the power unit to the electrical network and a switch to control the power unit. (Input 120VAC)

Wire the power unit to a connecting box (if you have more than one smart glass to power) or directly to the smart glass if you have only one smart glass. (Output 48VAC)

Guide the wires from the connecting box to the smart glasses on the other side. The busbars (electrodes) can be installed on the top and bottom or both on the top or both in the bottom or both on the long side (usually vertical side), depending on the frames structure and glass sizes.